W∞ – Heritage of Soul –

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This is the small town in Japan called Onomichi.
It is a mysterious town where we could feel the distorted time and space.
Fascinated by this town, we established a small video production company named QOOV.
We released some short movies as W∞ series in the past.
As time goes by, we have experienced various things and I have decided to seal off Onomichi deep in my heart.
And I have completed the final episode using unused shooting data which I have preserved with my new inspiration.

The opening scene, going up the stairs.
The distortion of time and space occurs.

The red image
Time is the continuation of a moment. time = the formation of time and space.
The space with time is dominated by physics and it has various restrictions.
The universe without physics is the real essence where we should be. But unfortunately I am in the space with physics right now.

A scene thereafter
The camera is chasing through Onomichi where time and space are distorted.
The rock is Kagami iwa, the mirror rock from the path to Senkoji temple.

Russian narration scene
I visit Onomichi and nurture my sensitivity.

“Surprise rather than empathy”
We feel empathy if it is within the knowledge and imagination that we are familiar with.
Generally, the word empathy is thought to be positive but we don’t.
Because there is no innovation in it.
What we aim for exists beyond your imagination and expectations.
This surprise can create our new era and has the power to change our lifestyle.
Let’s pursue what we can’t see.
All you need is a little more courage.

The red circle and yellow circle
The red circle = I ( Takechan )
It has absolute power and imagination but it rotates and wavers using unnecessary energy. Then Jung-mee, the yellow circle appears and oriented me to the right way.

Monochrome image 
Agony, Hardship, Struggle

Pinwheel scene
It may be Kenchan that controls time and space of Onomichi.

The blue image
Finally, the wave of tranquility arrives after the agony, hardship and adversity.

Performance of YUINA
Pursuing the cool.
The soul of Takechan enters into YUINA and expresses the passion of him. The colors of her face makeup symbolize Takechan, red, Jumg-mee, yellow, YUINA, blue, QOOV, black.

Russian narration
QOOV is a made-up word from COOL. QOOV is the superlative of cool. And it symbolizes the concept that we can realize our dreams and hopes through the bonds of people, dignified way of living, and keeping our faith. We believe that this is sure to lead to the ascent of our value and that QOOV is the coolest thing of all.

Railroad crossing scene
The distortion of time and space regains its tranquility.

The last scene
It was thought that Kenchan controlled time and space, but actually it was Jung-mee that controlled it.

Director – Takeshi Inoue

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