About us

EdiPlay International Film Festival personify that guts of filmmaking, the non-stop effort to push the barriers of the accepted norm and the never-ending struggle to evolve the midway. At the internal part of our International film festival says the body belief in emulate art. It is that belief in the emulate structure of art and its dissemination which materialised itself in the form of this film festival.

We aim to provide a one stop platform for those who think ‘EdiPlay. ‘EdiPlay’ represents that break all the barrier and make film and make the industry to proud. 

If you think you fit the above-mentioned project portfolio and want to break all the barrier and create films for the sake of art and only for the reason of art, EdiPlay warm welcome you to join our EPLIFF community.

We screen the winners of every season online. Not only winner we also select official selection as well as provide EPLIFF participant provide a honour to serve the industry more. Our annual event has a live screening with an audience in Paris where we screen the selected best Filmmakers.

We offer you an alternative in this world filled with squared frames and consumerist confectum wrapped in industrialized greed. We offer you a big platform where you can build create and innovate and you will admit it’s a great of honour to be a part of us for future.

Film Awards