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A Burst of Song

Overview In the slums of Calcutta, three girls manage to rescue themselves by pursuing their dreams. “When the heart is hard and parched up, come

The Symbiosis

Overview Can man’s hopes, needs, and desires coexist with evolving intelligent technology is the central question in this intrigue packed sci-fi, action-thriller, as AI and


Overview The most awkward meeting on Zoom imaginable. Director – Martin Keady

  • Ghostlove

    Alex, an American living in Taipei, is devastated because his Taiwanese girlfriend, Sophia, has recently died in a car accident. On top of that, Sophia’s mother wants him to marry Sophia in a traditional ghost wedding. She claims that love is forever, even after death.
  • Letters to Daniel

    Amy and Missy set out to conquer Hollywood, only to be confronted by an invisible enemy, Amy’s bipolar disorder.

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