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The Next Generation

Overview The Next Generation’ Television 2021, actor George Kyriakopoulos, as Jake; and, starring actor George Zouvelos, as Joe, who transforms into the arch-villain Hammerhead——- Is

Walk the Beach

Overview A child walks on the beach for the first time, chaos. Writer – Veronica Gillotti

  • When The Shifts Change Episodes 1 + 2

    Self-recorded confessionals by New Yorkers as they experience the highs and lows of being essential workers during the height of COVID-19.

  • 5, A Mother’s Journey

    My boy, who was born during the Ferguson riots and whose third birthday was darkened by Charlottesville, just turned five. The age when he goes to kindergarten by himself. When he is introduced to other students and their opinions without my being there to protect him.

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