Season : November, 2023


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Bet Your Bottom Dollar

A problem gambler travelling in Southern France finds himself indebted to the French betting firm Parier24. Starring Cameron Ashplant (Marooned Awakening, The Last Bus, Masters


Overview After a serious fall, a retired pianist finds herself lost, depressed and doesn’t know if one day she will be able to walk or

MUG | Short Film (2023)

Overview This is a “semi-finished film”. The main character experiences a deep disappointment about what has happened, but the viewer doesn’t know exactly what occurred.

Cut Bait

overview Proverb“You must fish, cut bait, or get out of the boat!” To put food on the table a father and son duo must venture

  • shee

    ‘When a spectre from her past re-enters a traumatised young woman’s life, she’ll do anything to stop history repeating itself.’

    Director : John Sweeney

  • BIND

    A sumptuous poetry and dance film set in the exquisite Robinson Library in Armagh, BIND explores the legacy of binds between past and present, the tension between elevation, elites and access to knowledge, progress and change, the visibility and constraints on women, and how a visionary institution contributes to progress in the modern world.

    Director : Eileen McClory

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Season : November, 2023


Season : November, 2023