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Overview Almost one year after the start of the war, cows are among the victims of the devastation, but their remaining kin, their fabled primordial


Overview Greed and power will rapture any family including those that are not human Writer – Frank Mancuso, Christopher J Adams

The Pathos of Hamlet

Overview Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, reveals his darkest fears, highest hopes, and innermost secrets. Three major soliloquy’s taken from William Shakespeare’s famous play. Starring Sean

The Line Jumper

overview Would YOU jump the line? The Line Jumper is co-directed by Hugh Oyake Murchison and Rob Underhill. Hugh Oyake Murchison is a first time

Special People

Overview We lose ourselves in the great big worldPeople laugh and they bring us downWe need a hand that we can holdA special word to

  • Fragments

    Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. As Matthew Luppino reflects on his past, he finds closure in the small fragments of his life.

    Director : Matthew Luppino

  • The Substitution

    My dog, Miley Jo the Chorkie, loves fashion and nature. The beauty of nature alone is grand, add in a tiny fashion model, it’s a masterpiece.

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