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Overview “You think god’s going to save you?”  PERDITION is an Drama Thriller about an old retired school teacher named Norman Firth who’s living out

Parenting For Monsters

Overview A sitcom about a family that goes through a clinical trial, but all of them end up transforming into different types of classic Universal


Overview A young woman struggles to find herself after the pandemic era. Director – Susan Touch


Overview FRATERNITY  is the story of David von Scharrenberg, who joins the student fraternity Corps Teutonia.   We accompany David on his way into the archaic

Emily’s Do

Overview Emily is an artist who’s art-form is her hair, makeup and clothing. She says:  “Self expression is my motivation, I like for people to

  • Chasing The Dead

    Journey into the world of gravediggers, coroners, morticians, and the forgotten dead.

    Director – Tom Phillips

  • Bas Paanch Minute ( Just 5 Minutes More..)

    What happens when a little girl oversees her future through time machine?

    Director – Manish Kanojia

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