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Writing To Gillian

Overview A struggling bipolar writer who is struggling through life. He deals with his mother’s death; living with family; wanting to live on his own;

Missing Paige

Overview “Missing Paige” is a gritty crime thriller pilot.  Special agent Olivia Paige is driven by her childhood abduction, but when a missing girl puts

Love is love

Overview In a world with so much hate and discrimination we present “Love is Love” Director – Mike Trash


Overview Two stories seem very different from each other, but they occur in very similar way. The first one shows us a pre-historic deer hunting,

In footsteps of Chaplin

Overview “In footsteps of Chaplin” is the story of a 9-year-old orphan (played by Lylan Charles), in search of identity, who discovers during a projection

Freedom Street

Overview 14000 refugees are trapped in limbo; caught in the crossfire of Australia’s border policy and Indonesia’s indifference. Director – Alfred Pek

  • Blocked Episode 2

    The wrath of April continues as she deals with the demons of her past and in the midst of ....

    Director – Anntreece  Jones

  • Chase’s Shadow

    A film remastered and a sequel to Chase’s Revenge. A brand new sci-fi horror flick....

    Director – Tracie Sperling

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