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Overview The future: a totalitarian regime imposes on the world’s population “Nectar”, an experimental serum whose administration Yul Franken will escape, since the alternative is


Overview A lady is suffering from fantasy prone personality. While roaming around the alley of Kolkata she is developing her own dystopian world and living

Raveena’s Revenge

Overview On a first date, Danny becomes increasingly close with Raveena, an alluringly mysterious woman–when suddenly, they get attacked by the Red Reapers: A group

Punched After The Fact

Overview After a mild hostage situation a lonely janitor enlists his computer savvy son to help him find the bewitching assailant which ultimately leads to

Omnipotent Resolution

Overview This is a short film of the song, “Omnipotent Resolution”,from the band Uniqueness, with a conceptual theme called, reality in dreamscape. Director – Uniqueness

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