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The Bodega

Overview A typical workday takes a hypothetical twist for two young pizza delivery drivers as they navigate the injustices of the world. Director – Nicholas Bromund

Swipe Right

Overview On her train to work, Nancy has her happy ever after accidentally derailed by her time-travelling future self. The twenty-something cardiologist must learn to

Tiger Lukas

Overview A retired bare knuckle fighter leaves his former life behind and attempts to start fresh as a bodyguard, struggling to combat the demons of

  • World Of Choices

    Mike’s bad day takes a turn that leads him on a path to a better life and most importantly, revenge upon his corporate boss.
  • #MyCorona

    #MyCorona is a romantic comedy set during the onset of the corona virus as this seemingly remote disease begins to impact the area locally. The story revolves around isolated residents in an apartment building, all searching for something personally and, due to the stay-at-home order, forced to get to know and rely on each other.

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