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It took a lockdown to unlock their hearts.

#MyCorona is a romantic comedy set in the days leading up to and during California’s stay-at-home. The story revolves around isolated residents in a Los Angeles apartment building who suddenly find themselves forced to rely on each other during this stressful, unprecedented time. They are about to learn a lot about themselves as well as their rather unusual neighbors.

#MyCorona is a romantic comedy set during the onset of the corona virus as this seemingly remote disease begins to impact the area locally. The story revolves around isolated residents in an apartment building, all searching for something personally and, due to the stay-at-home order, forced to get to know and rely on each other.

With the sudden lack of Los Angeles traffic noise, two disconnected neighbors find they can now hear each other’s conversations through their shared wall. They are about to learn a lot about each other, themselves and their rather unusual neighbors.

“The first full-length feature film to be entirely directed remotely.”
— Alex Ritman, The Hollywood Reporter

“#MyCorona is a welcome light-hearted film that shows that we might feel alone but we are alone together.”
— Rebecca Barksby, TheLancet.com

“#MyCorona tells a gentle story, set during a perplexing time, that mixes the allure of love during a pandemic with the reality we all experienced.” — KearneyHub.com

Director – Phil Gorn

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