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You and AI

Overview Sierra gets fired from her job, leading her and android May-C to move in with her brother, Kai, along with two other androids, Mic-L

Where Did The Love Go

Overview A woman suddenly goes missing and the local police have no idea of her whereabouts. Their attention soon turn to a pair of out-of-town

The Orphanage for Records

Overview Music lover Paul Au escaped war-torn Vietnam in 1975 to live in Hong Kong, where he fulfilled his dream of owning a record shop.

The Bus Driver

Overview A bus driver takes on the bad guys when they mess with him and his girlfriend and son. They have no idea who he


Overview Thinking is an advanced form of mental activity. The processing of information by the human brain includes analysis, abstraction, synthesis, generalization,Compare the systematic and

Side Piece Agency

Overview If you could have a side piece and not get caught, would you? Well, look no further than the Side Piece Agency. Your secret

  • I Call On You My Friends

    Three friends, Sam, Dusty and Fred, meet up with an old friend who they have not 

    Director - Joshua Charperrin Woodard

  • On / Off

    Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

    Director – Nicolas P. Villarreal

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