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Water & Forgiveness

Overview The man in the film lost something important. He thinks his wife is responsible for this loss. He also thinks he has a big

The Secret Codex

Overview In 2023, upon the announcement by the Pope, about the next ten years’ celebration in the advent of the 2033 anniversary of the crucifixion

The Forgotten Blood Feud

Overview A love story between two younger people, from a random encounter. Leida a lawyer living in Italy oncetrafficted, while Dritan a famous pianist. This

Mystery Hole

Overview A creature with a trunk is chased into a hole leading to a mysterious world. Director – Matt Bissett-Johnson


Overview LIMITED SERIES PILOT TITLE:LAJJAWATI: A LOVE STORY FROM INDIA*A Story of Desire & Destiny from the Land of Unity in Diversity*GENRE:Historiographic Metafiction/Romance/DramaWRITERS:Story: Sumathy Ramakrishnan

  • K R O N O S

    A young man named Daniel slowly wakes up in an empty house in the middle of nowhere.

    Director – Ara Laylo

  • Das Tor

    Four men accidentally unleash ancient, supernatural forces and secret Nazi technology

    Director – Clive Jackson

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