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OVERVIEW Two sisters bumble their way into a sweet chocolate revenge. Director – Jody Mortara, Joe Gawalis


OVERVIEW Survivor of Human Trafficking works alongside the Taskforce to take down traffickers. Director : Chong Kim, Kimberly Weryackwe


overview FEDERICO, a ten years old boy is a member of a dysfunctional middle -class family, the product of a adulterous and abusive father, ANTONIO,

Luke and Oscar

overview A fox is preparing to meet an opponent for a boxing match. But he will have a surprise. Director : Antoine Priou

Once There Were Stories

overview In this family drama, Christmases of long ago, ones of togetherness, family entertainments, and memorable stories, contrast with those of today with their packaged

Creatures of Necessity

overview 13 days without receiving a ransom and their identities unveiled, everyone involved with the kidnapping of Isabella Contini, hit their breaking point and release

  • Cocoa

    Two sisters bumble their way into a sweet

    Director – Jody Mortara, Joe Gawalis

  • Ai! Ai! Ai! (A Tartarus For Youth)

    This poem speaks to the decline in social values and loss of humanity. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, this journey takes us through nine circles of Tartarus (stanzas).

    Writer – David Anthony Estringel

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