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Alien Traitor

Overview Logline:In 2052, two aliens with the ability to time travel and shape shift witnessed the devastation of Earth. Determined to save humanity from the


Overview Sayaka, a seductive woman who calls herself a web professional who appeared in front of Kanzaki, who runs a psychiatric clinic. Kanzaki was helplessly


Overview A 911 operator gets a call that goes horribly wrong. Director : Roland Spence


Overview At first glance, Soh seems to be a regular schoolboy who loves games. As his story slowly unfolds, between long leaves of grass and


Overview Findings is a film about a young woman’s process of finding herself. She no longer fits into her own home, she literally grows out

From the Dead

Overview Little Rockstars Production and Emerald Moon Entertainment collaborate to bring you the sequel to the slasher spoof ‘Deader the Better’! This time, there is

  • NEXT!

    NEXT! Is an entertaining, somewhat madcap, unbiased exploration into a variety of interpersonal relationships 

    Director – GIULIETTA REVEL


    The film is in Speculative family genre, in a world that is filled with prejudices, divided in the name of class, caste and creed, 

    Director : DR.JANET J

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