Alien Traitor

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In 2052, two aliens with the ability to time travel and shape shift witnessed the devastation of Earth. Determined to save humanity from the turmoil of Religious Wars, they embarked on a mission to rescue the planet. As strange as it may seem, alien abduction can be an exciting adventure!
The narrative unfolds in the present era and spans up to 2052. Along the way, we journey to Saturn’s satellite Enceladus, and the fictional planetary system called Aeon. We also explore various locales on Earth like New York, the Middle East, Paris, The Matterhorn, and Australia. The characters face many nerve-wracking situations and dramatic moments, interspersed with some amusing comedy and fun. They cope with the stress by finding humour in the situation.
The idea of “Religion” takes on a protagonist role and can cause conflict, whether in theory or in actual actions, as religious or political figures impede the progress of our characters.
Bjorn and Zorn, two extraterrestrial beings hailing from the planet Aeon, bear witness to the total annihilation of Planet Earth in the year 2052. Determined to prevent this catastrophe from occurring, they embark on a perilous quest. Joined by a group of human allies, they encounter a myriad of fascinating personalities and gain a deeper understanding of the Universe and themselves. Their journey takes them to both familiar and alien locales, spanning an incredible distance of seventy thousand light years from their home planet. When Earth disappears without a trace for the third time, the time has come for them to make critical decisions that will alter the course of destiny forever. One reader who perused the manuscript was particularly impressed by the stunning plot twist at the end, which involves a time paradox.

Director : Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

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