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Action 9

ABOUT PROJECT A reality series about a News Channel trying to increase their ratings by hiring a Prima-Donna soap star. Director : Maximillian Decker

Adrienne Cart

ABOUT PROJECT “If reincarnation exits, and it does, than everyone who has ever lived is living now” And when murder’s in the mix, even if

Anema e Core

about project “A melody entered my head and made me remember that day in Naples. The sunset lights were the perfect setting in which to

Bat Diary

ABOUT PROJECT In the parallel universe, men are on the verge of extinction! In their curiosity and in their longings, they take a mysterious drug

Love In Space

about project Aging astronaut hits on young astronaut Captain in outer space. There is a drastic unexpected twist you don’t want to miss. Created by


About Project During the Astrological period know as Retrograde, where planets appear to rotate backwards, the troubled son of his mentally ill mom copes with

  • The Wait

    The relationship between Husband & wife inspiring on building environmental change through plantation

    Director : Adrija’ Kundu

  • Retrograde

    Retrograde is a series based on astrological disturbances during a Mercury Retrograde that follows

    Director – Antonio Bellido Marín

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