The Adventures of Infinita

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about project

The story follows the protagonist Hazuki, a fiction writer whose cruel, cynical, and dark-humored fairytales for an adult audience have garnered her a solid fan base. Her style derives from her dark past as child abuse survivor, which inspires her newest story: The Adventures of Infinita.

Infinita is born of a concoction made by the Witch, who uses her own blood and a curse to bring Infinita to life. Since the moment of her birth, she is inflicted with abuse by the Witch, and grows up enduring infinite pain and loneliness. The suffering is briefly alleviated when the Witch gives Infinita a goldfish to take care of, whom she names Poseidon. Infinita showers Poseidon with love, hoping that by caring for the goldfish, the Witch will come to love her too. But the Witch relishes watching Infinita suffer by her hand, and kills the goldfish, traumatizing Infinita. As Infinita drowns in misery, her tears magically bring forth the ghost of Poseidon, who urges her to run away from the Witch, and ensures that he will protect her from now on. Thus begins their adventure. Soon they come across villagers who are tormented by a bloodthirsty vampire and a tyrannical King. Infinita declares that she will help the villagers liberate themselves from both evil powers: “Leave it to Infinita!”

Director : Yu Shibuya

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