From the Dead

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Little Rockstars Production and Emerald Moon Entertainment collaborate to bring you the sequel to the slasher spoof ‘Deader the Better’! This time, there is no cabin!

Julia, the final girl, is trying to move forward after her friends’ murders, but things are about to get more complicated when the masked slasher returns to continue his bloody rampage!

Ashleigh Amberlynn, Robert Angelo, Josh Ortiz, and Austin Bitikofer return with awesome support by Joel Frady, Micah Loper, Te Walker, and Chris Correa in this 2nd of 3 slasher spoofs that will make you scream? Chuckle? Entertain you!

Josh Ortiz, Austin Bitikofer, and Joel Frady produced this short film and Isaac Cisneros provided the terrifying score!

Director – Joshua Ortiz

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