Yabuhara Kengyo II

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Shichinosuke, a man later known as the Yabuhara Kengyo II. He lost his eyesight at the age of seven due to an epidemic. There was a deep karma to this. Shortly before Shichinosuke’s birth, his father, Shichibei, stabbed a blind masseur named SuginoIchi to death for money.
Having lost his eyesight, his mother had passed away, and his father had run away, Shichinosuke was left alone in the world, and he did everything he could to commit evil and rose to the position of inspector.
He becomes the Yabuhara Kengyo IIpublic examiner, and gains the respect and envy of the public, and spends his days in luxury, with plenty of money to spare. However, he gradually grows tired of such a life. What does Shichinosuke do?

“kengyo” = the highest-ranking blind court official

Director – Hiroshi Gokan

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