Divorce Diaries

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A single and recently divorced mother, Michele  (late 30’s), comedienne, and writer risks it all in pursuit of creating her own show based off of her divorce diaries. As a working class intellectual with two masters and more certifications to shake a stick at, she struggles to make rent and keep her daughter, Grace (under 10) shielded from the backlash of being ADHD, all the while failing miserably with men and relationships. Faced with a limited time and only her talent as the lottery ticket, she has one year to get the project off the ground before having to go back to work and giving up on the dream.  Living in North Jersey, with an Italian family upbringing. Michele grew up having to prove herself constantly. From being a daughter to being a wife, she has lived her life for others. Now, almost forty, she is doubling down and giving her dream all that she has. Her passion for the arts and being of service to kids with disabilities has led her to this point.   Faced with not knowing anything about filmmaking, the process, or what to do next. She wakes up every morning and starts every day with one hand reaching for the sky and the other walking Grace to school. She has found new fame in social media and juggles the constant posting and upkeep of the always hungry content machine against the never ending motherly responsibilities.  This story is a rollercoaster ride, a slice of the everyday superhuman mom trying to make it in a world not ready for the truth.  

Director – Divorce Diaries Show

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