Getting Hit On

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Sentimental romance and spy-themed action thriller collide in this genre-bending, out-of-the-box dark comedy by emerging production company The Paper Cones Group.

Dirk, a newbie hitman, has just been given his first big assignment at his organization: killing Kenny, a high-ranking pharmaceutical executive who is supposedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. In order to get Kenny alone, Dirk has found his profile on Grindr, and is meeting up with him now under the guise of taking him out on a date. Dirk invites Kenny to join him for dinner in the private room of a fancy restaurant, accompanied by his nosy and overbearing superior, “Quick Tongue” (who is pretending to be a waiter to avoid suspicion). Their mission is simple: extract as much information as they can, and then go in for the kill.

As Dirk continues to maintain the charade of dating Kenny, he discovers that his target isn’t anything like the cold, unfeeling monster that he was led to expect. He’s shy, awkward, and seems to be a truly kind person, despite what he does for a living. Dirk learns that Kenny found himself progressing through the ranks of his company quickly, and soon ended up in a position where he appeared to have power even though he didn’t feel like it. Dirk relates to Kenny’s life story immensely, and begins to feel a legitimate spark between them. Suddenly, he has to decide between carrying out his mission and pursuing a relationship with the man he’s been ordered to kill.

Little does Dirk know that Kenny has secrets of his own– and he might just get Dirk’s heart to melt.

Director : Lilton Stewart III

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