“Breasts and Thighs”

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Rose and Evelyn are Italian mothers who just want their kids to be happy. Rose’s son, Tony, is handsome and affable. He has just returned to his home in South Philadelphia to set up his law practice, having spent five years practicing law in San Francisco. Tony has brought his law partner, wispy beauty, Grace Ella with him to set up shop in Philadelphia. Rose doesn’t want Tony to end up with Grace Ella. She thinks that Evelyn’s daughter, Angela, curvy and a bit shy, is a much better match. Rose and Evelyn begin a campaign to get them together, no matter what . Helping out cupid on this mission are best friends, Loretta and Candy, Angela’s more “experienced” friends who are trying to coax Angela out of her inertness, and into Tony’s arms. “He’s not gonna drop from the ceiling, ya know,” We also have the addition of Angela’s next-door neighbor, Apollo Apollito,, who once setting eyes on Tony, wants Tony for himself. The plot is further complicated by the entrance of Lady Regina Wellington Wetherill, who frequents the local Italian cheese shop looking for a” clothbound cheddar” Lady Wetherill, adds the steady hand to the complexity of this Rom-Com and in the end dispenses wisdom to all involved.

Director – Goldie Krauss

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