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A song by Julian Brooks & Paris King

Directed by Tim Cash & Irie Adina

Executive Producer  Julian Brooks from Berkeley California

Publicist – Richardine Bartee from the GRUNGECAKE Agency

A couple starts on a road trip to Humboldt County from the Bay, which transforms into a wild almost psychedelic trip, that highlights lots of local’s hideouts, and peels back the layers to see what is revealed behind the facade of the new age spiritual occult. We follow our heroes through a fast-paced rock and roll epic battle between good and evil.

SNAKEBITE is a song written by Julian Brooks & Paris King, off of the LP entitled “Tell Me”. The video co-stars Melissa Cruz, an extraordinarily talented Flamenco dancer. A cameo is seen in the sky of Golden Brooks, famous for the series Girlfriends (2000), The Darkest Minds (2018), and Beauty Shop (2005). Cast: Julian Brooks, Melissa Cruz, Golden Brooks, Emily Cassleman, Ras Malcolm S, Jonah Walker, Casey Walker, Nac Wallace, Tara Weed, Yuvia Storm, & Naveena Bird.

“This music video for me personally was an amazing cathartic process. It was such a pleasure to work with an amazing cast and crew on this project. I truly feel like my father was looking down upon us, and I felt a need to leave a legacy for my son Zachariah”, says Julian Brooks, singer & star of SNAKEBITE, formerly of Mod Squad, Mailuna, Temper Twinz, Controlled Burn

SNAKEBITE, the video was conceived, executive produced & produced by Julian Brooks. Co-Director & Director of Photography, Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films, a veteran filmmaker, brought creative edge & professionality to the project. Irie Adina was a producer, co-director, wrote screenplay & treatment, art director, costume & set designer & production assistant. Elijah Walker was a makeup artist.

Director – Tim Cash, Irie Adina

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