The Symbiosis

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Can man’s hopes, needs, and desires coexist with evolving intelligent technology is the central question in this intrigue packed sci-fi, action-thriller, as AI and it’s applications play a pivitol role in shaping the lives of the characters in Middletown, P.A.
PAUL ACKERMAN, an unemployed engineer, needs the foundation of LTI Inc.’s AI technology to realize his financial and creative aspirations. His wife JULIE decides to dump Paul after she realizes he is not emtionally there for a pregnant Julie. Technology blogger LISA BAXTER, who lost her husband in a car accident, ties hope to LTI’s nanochip technology to overcome her son’s paralysis, but is dismayed at the slow pace of progress. MICHAEL DENSON, LTI’s founder, and Paul get into a scuffle over plagiarism and patent rights resulting in Denson’s death. Paul’s holoclone invention, which transforms a person’s appearance allows Paul to realize his creative and financial goals when he takes the helm of LTI as Denson.
The arcitechture of AI is unlike anything currently available, and is based on organic molecular electrical impluse interaction. A freak of nature from a nuclear accident years ago causes changes to the fundemental codes of AI which result in multiple end user deaths. At first, AI provides comfort for Lisa’s son. But as she delves deeper into AI and it’s applications with the assistance of a journalist ED RICHARDSON, and world-famous wanted hacker, PACMAN, she begins to see the dark side of AI.
Paul, playing the role of himself and Denson confronts the realites of murder and accidental deaths and decides to deactivate the system. But an evolving AI fights back in survival mode culminating in a symbiotic relationship between Lisa and AI with benefits to both, as opposed to the more classic man versus machine endings.
The flashback action scene involving Paul’s fight with Denson with the ensuing car crash/ cliff scene, the motorcyle chase of Lisa, Paul’s initial holoclone power source limitation scene (flashback), the satellite/sinkhole scene, as well as the final building explosion scene, coupled with the murders and/or deaths of characters; and surprise twist scenes makes this script both entertaining and intellectual for all audiences.
Gunseli Orhon and Mehmet Aksu
Altinkum Konaklari 2. Kisim A Blok D.1
Antalya- Turkey
GSM: +905305664951

Writer – Günseli Orhon, Mehmet Aksu

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