UNDERNEATH: An Anthology Of Terror

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UNDERNEATH is a grassroots, self-financed anthology in the vein of CREEPSHOW and is comprised of five chapters, an epilogue, and several mind-bending vignettes that are all bound together by something unnatural and sinister.

BREACH (the vignette sequence): written & directed by John Nicol (CHANNEL ZERO) focuses on “…An unstable individual who is convinced that ominous cracks in his basement may in fact be a breach into Hell itself… Is he in direct communication with demons, or has he opened a portal into their realm of terror? Poisoned by the revelation of five tales, he succumbs to the mental strain on his increasingly damaged mind.”
CHAPTER #1…6 AM: written & directed by John Nicol… “A family man is running out of a medication that keeps his otherworldly visions at bay. Day by day, visions of murder and demonic possession take hold as Daniel succumbs to a maddening revelation.”
CHAPTER #2…Ms. Shapen: written & directed by ANDRE BECKER (SECRET SANTA). “A seemingly normal television set transmits the haunted memories of a killer.”
CHAPTER #3…PASSAGES: written & directed by John Nicol… “A has-been author discovers that passages in his writing can cause intense visions of madness…and that he can inflict the visions upon others.”
CHPATER #4…Certain Point Of View: written by John Nicol & directed by Cory Ivanchuk… “An experimental blast of demonic madness as seen through the eyes of those possessed.”
CHAPTER #5…I Can Change: written & directed by Andre Becker… “A deranged young man is convinced he can transform into a demonic creature.”
EPILOGUE…Entropy: written & directed by John Nicol… “another experimental entry that wraps up the entire anthology… a haunting piece that seals the experience.”


Director – John Nicol, Andre Becker, Cory Ivanchuk

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