Sachin Live From Pune

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Sachin is a hardworking teenager with a big dream that one day he will make his mark in the world of cricket like a legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar – whom he is named after. Sachin lives with poor family in a metro slum area of Pune. He has an immense love for cricket but can’t afford professional coaching. He finds a way to train himself. He watches other kids practicing under coach and learn from it.

One day, at inter-school cricket competition, he impresses the selection committee and gets a chance to show his skills in All India Under-18 Team Selection process. But destiny has planned something else for him. Sachin Live from Pune is a universal story of how minor sport injuries which teenagers choose to hide in fear of financial burdens on parents, could affect their dreams, sometimes the life.

Director – Ganesh Devidas Kadam

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