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Captain JOSH CAMERON is a fearless leader who sacrificed his life in order to save his men. The last thing he remembers is a grenade blowing up and throwing him across the field. When he wakes up, he’s back home with his wife SAMANTHA and his seven year old daughter ANGELICA. Life seemed to be almost perfect.

Until one night Josh wakes up with a mysterious wound on his body. When Samantha finds out she makes him reach out for help, he initially refuses. Josh’s night injuries continued to get worse and Samantha eventually pressured him to reach out for help. Josh believed he was reaching out to a doctor that dealt with severe PTSD, it turned out to be the devil himself. While all this is going on, he’s been going into work and dealing with his obnoxious boss MR. SUMMERS, who’s only job seemed to be to bully him around.

Josh gets a visit from DR. WRIGHT who unbeknown to him is the devil’s assistant. After the doctor’s visit things really start to deteriorate, his daughter and wife begin to mysteriously die in gruesome ways and miraculously come back to life the next day.

Mr. Summers reveals himself to be his guarding angel, he tells Josh that he never made it back home from Iraq and that he was actually in purgatory. He explained to Josh why he was there and how he could move on. At first Josh refused to believe him until he met the devil himself.

Out of anger Josh tries to take on the devil the only way he knows how. Josh soon realized that this was a battle that he could not win. Josh embraces Mr. Summers reluctantly and decided to say goodbye to his family, knowing in his heart that he would see them again one day.

Writer – Eddy Sanchez

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