Letters To Daniel: The Motion Picture

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Amy and Missy set out to conquer Hollywood, only to be confronted by an invisible enemy, Amy’s bipolar disorder.

Let’s know about Director

Amy Leigh McCorkle is a prolific author, blogger, screenwriter, and filmmaker. Born in Louisville, KY she knew from the age of five she wanted to write professionally. At 15 she would see two movies that set her on her current path, Michael Mann’s version of Last of the Mohicans and Kenneth Branaugh’s Dead Again. She knew then not only she want to be published, she wanted to be produced. In her early twenties she met who would become her writing partner and constant Producer and best friend, Melissa Goodman. She would start her journey to become a director/screenwriter/author only to quickly be knocked down by the life altering diagnosis of the mental illness bipolar disorder. She struggled finding her voice at her sickest and faced poverty, stigma, and discrimination.

It would be 14 years before she complete (with Missy) 4 screenplays, and 15 years before she directed the documentary Letters to Daniel. In 2009 she saw Casino Royale and instantly became enamored of Daniel Craig’s work. She would see many of his films. And in 2013 start a blog containing a series of open letters to her favorite actor, Daniel Craig, about surviving childhood sex abuse and coping and living with bipolar day to day.

In 2014 she directed her first documentary, Letters to Daniel: Breakdown to Bestseller. It go on the win awards and be screened at several festivals including Indie Gathering and Action On Film. In 2015 Melissa and Amy would go on to adapt my Amy’s memoir of the same name Letters to Daniel the narrative screenplay.

After several false starts Amy finally directed her dream project Letters to Daniel. She hopes to change people’s lives with this. Because it has already profoundly changed hers.


It is my dream to leave a legacy of proper mental illness portrayals in my work.

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