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THE SHROUD TRINITY is an action/adventure movie set in Washington, D.C. The script centers on a theft of the Shroud of Turin, Christ’s burial cloth. The Shroud is exhibited at the National Gallery of Art and stolen in a brazen, violent daylight robbery during the exhibit preparation.
Happily, a trio of local heroes rises who gets it back. One third is a D.C. policeman who has a cults-and-crazies beat, the second is a young, brilliant nun, and the third is a New York City street thug who’s an alcoholic seminarian. The script takes place in religious locations around Washington, around Catholic University, the National Cathedral, and under St. Matthew’s Cathedral. That gets everyone into a crypt room deep below St. Matthew’s and into the city sewers, where the team navigates an undercity waterway in a downpour and encounter a murderous sewer alligator.
Along the way, they encounter cryptic clues to the Shroud’s whereabouts, unsuspected villains, hiding from sinister characters in the underbelly of Washington nightlife, find themselves a mentor in an older nun who has devoted her life to the Shroud (who dies when during the Shroud’s theft), and end up finding themselves transformed. Their mentor tells them at the start that those who devote themselves to the Shroud get “a gift of one’s own.” In the end, the Shroud delivers.

Writter – Frank 

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