The Lavender Girl

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After the tragic loss of her entire family, the wealthy beauty wants to find peace in selling lavender until she meets a popular boy band which twist her life upside down.

When there is nothing left because your mother’s hand leaves you early and forever. No one knows that the radiant girl from the lavender stall at the hippie market was actually born with a silver spoon because of her humble life. At the age of twelve, the only child loses her wealthy parents and grandparents to a dramatic gas leak in the house. Since then, the rich heiress has lived in the modest little house of her inimitable nanny so as not to have to return to the old palace in Palma’s old town. Filled with her mission to help the saintly mothers of an orphanage, she meets the coveted American pop idol with his mother on a lavender plantation. It is love at first sight. She gets to know his popular boy band and also, unfortunately, the female voice of the band. Their lives slowly take a different direction.
But when his popular life takes the exact opposite direction, the Mallorcan-born girl really has to come up with something to get the New York songwriter out of his deep hole. Her maids, who are like family to her, and also his band members do everything they can to help the two of them find their way back into life.

Director – Sophie von Rheden

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