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This is original song written by Tomi Christiansson, the singer and the guitar player in this take. This song is planned to be sent to competitions as a composition or a music video. All the sounds are real, this is live playing: same time filmed by one take by purpose and the idea is catch something real. This is under water world. Strange fish called Jellyfish, those who lives very long time. This song is composed 12/2021.
Elastic always returning to form
jellyfish under water world
mysterious and unknown
strange fish
in the deepest of the deep
quite comfortable in the pressure
that would crash a car or a ship
let alone human being
bring it to surface and it will explode
transparent lucid beauties
as no light can push through
evolution has come to a conclusion
sight is not necessary
lyrics by Tomi Christiansson. All rights reserved.

Director – Tomi Christiansson

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