secret obsession

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Tile secret obsession.
Logline: a short film about a woman who befriends her stalker, leading her into four walls of captivity.

Breakdown of the story.

Intro and Beginning. The big move
With Capri moving into her apartment, she enters the block of flats with her mom with boxes. Dalton locks his eyes on Capri, stares at the graduation picture, and recognises that Capri, his crush and new neighbour, hoping she will remember him, attempts to help with the boxes.
Dalton makes any excuse to be near, hoping she could jog her memory that they went to the same university, but she doesn’t, which makes him tense up with frustration.
He starts following her to her work and the beach where ever she is. He makes way to discover her whereabouts and who she hangs around—Dalton’s behaviour switches when he sees her in with male companions.
Befriending my stalker, this is where we see Capri’s friends notice that Dalton is a bit odd, and they recognise him. We see Dalton eventually pipes the courage to confess his love, but she refuses, which makes him angry.

Ending, Caprice enters Dalton’s door, which puts her in a sticky situation where we see the shrine and Dalton panics and holds her at knifepoint for the day; after being captured, Capri tries to escape, but she gets stabbed by Dalton and bleeds away.
As Capri is injured, two of her friends are at her door, they hear her scream, and they bang through the door and find Capri on the floor, paediatrics summonsed. Dalton gets arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.

Directed By – Hilary Davis

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