PROPHETS, Screenplay

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Since before the charter was signed in Wilmington, NC, there have been humans being sold. Not long after the charter in 1739, a myth was created. A secret group, men and women alike who would steal “owned” human beings and send them north to freedom. The myth grew during the Civil War and then, died down.
Hundreds of years later in the new millennium, when Alex Abraham returns home for holiday break, she hears tell of the daughters of two prominent families in town that have been kidnapped. Her father, well known attorney Jakob Abraham tells her who is investigating the case. Alex knows, like everyone else in town, that the cop on the case is dirty and these girls will be ignored.
Seeing her frustration at the situation, Alex’s Grandmother gives her a nudge to do her own investigation. In her study, the long-time myth of the secret group of rescuers is brought to her attention. When she learns the myth is real, she meets the new members of the group to learn more about their storied past. Wanting to help, Alex joins them in their search for the two girls. During this search, blood is shed, and lives are lost — but the greater good prevails.
The search ending, more attention is brought up about the history of the “Prophets”. What Alex doesn’t know is how close to home this group of anti-hero vigilantes will actually be.
Welcome to Prophets…

Director – Erika Edwards

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