Caesar The Musical

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Composer and first time director, Mike Petrone, tells his story of the assassination of Julius Caesar… in a concert.

A narrator (William Clarence Marshall) presides over the lifeless body of Julius Caesar (Dan Folino) and reveals the major players in Caesar’s life and death.

In the first few scenes, we discover that Caesar was captured by pirates, raised an army, and was a heroic military leader. We are then introduced to his longtime mistress, Servilia (Steph Geber), and her son Brutus (Jayson Gage). Servilia is pained by Caesar’s new marriage of convenience to Calpurnia. (Jill Tschetter) Caesar is made consul of Rome and is quickly sent to Gaul, a political move by his new rivals Pompey (Marc Moritz) and Cassius (Ian Atwood.) Caesar eventually conquers Gaul with the help of his cousin and new ally, Marc Antony (Connor O’Brien). After his victory, Caesar is put in a box by Pompey and the Senate, leading to an epic battle in Pharsalus, Greece.

Caesar ultimately prevails over Pompey, leaving Servila and Brutus out of favor and estranged. Pursuing a fleeing Pompey to Egypt, Caesar meets Cleopatra (Lauren Geber Marquez) and they begin a relationship that leads to a child, Caesarion.

Angered and disenchanted, Servilia urges Brutus to take action. Brutus, along with Cassius and Decimus (Michael Jeans), a previously loyal soldier to Caesar, conspire to assassinate him. And, although Caesar has been forewarned by Calpurnia and a soothsayer (our narrator) his is surprised and murdered in the Senate by Brutus and his allies, leaving Brutus to reflect upon how history will remember him.

Director – Mike Petrone

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