Alien Traitor

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Logline: When two aliens discover Earth’s elite are holding the planet to ransom, they set out with an alien/human hybrid crew to save the Earth from impending nuclear annihilation.

Two aliens from the planet Aeon, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of Planet Earth in 2032.
They set out to stop the coming disaster, with the assistance of a small band of misfits,
As they piece things together, they discover a fellow Aeonite, Dorian is pushing back against their efforts, to enable religious zealots to maintain their control in a rather hypocritical manner.
Bjorn and Zorn begin a chess match with Dorian for control of Earth’s destiny.
Will Bjorn and Zorn win or lose or will it end in a stalemate.
Bjorn and Zorn and their human friends, meet many interesting characters along the way and they discover a lot about the Universe and themselves.
The journey takes them to many locations, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, and seventy thousand light years from home.
When Planet Earth disappears for the third time, it’s time for destiny changing decisions

Writer – Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

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