Nine O Nine

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In a pandemic situation, late evening, woodcutter Akbar, while heading back to his house, he experiences paranormal activity in the forest. A drama artist Shankar, stoned! and relaxing on a cot, outside his house, he experiences some unusual movements around him, he realises someone has stolen his mobile! and Shankar chases the thief, into the forest. Tony the thief, who is sitting in the police station, ASI Thakur and Constable Gopal, making all the arrangements to produce him, in front of the magistrate, Tony has been caught red handed during the theft! they are about to start their journey to magistrates residence, meanwhile they encounter with Sarala, (Shaani’s Mother), she reports about Shaani’s missing, on hearing this, Thakur and Gopal goes through serious anxiety! and suggest Sarala, to stay at her home.
On their way to magistrate residence, they are stopped by panicked Akbar, in the middle of forest road, after enquiring, Akbar explains, about paranormal activity, which he experienced in the woods, the beholder Thakur, fires at Akbar for making up stories, Akbar insists them to check by themselves.
After reaching the spot, the whole event turns into a mess and ends in dark humorous way.

Director : Sandeep Hospet

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