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The film is in Speculative family genre, in a world that is filled with prejudices, divided in the name of class, caste and creed, this film will be an eye opener as it narrates the tale of seven beings who come from different cultural backgrounds and live like a family sharing love, respect and care for one another. As mentioned already they are not bonded by blood relation but with love and trust for each other. They share their lives under the same roof and are in complete harmony. The society which is always critical of diversions from the established norms look at them with curiosity and uneasiness. They stand united against all the circumstances thrown to them by the harsh realities of life. They do not surrender to the turmoil that they have to confront in their existence and they stand united against all the odds that they are subjected to. The family members become the pillars of strength for each other during the time of crisis. They instil in each other courage and confidence to face all the hurdles thrown to them. This family mentioned in the film is an epitome of sincerity and commitment which is essential to row forward in life. The film includes dramatic situations which adds to the depth of the tale narrated in the film.

Director : DR.JANET J

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