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Kuch Kuch Film Jaisi is a contemporary web series in Bengali language. This is a new media content that has 14 episodes. The total watch time is 4 hrs 40 min 32 sec. is showcased here.
This cinematic presentation is in a dry comedy genre prepared on modern day city life and people’s mindset.
The objective is to convey some social messages inside a story, a sub story and the real story.
The web series has 4 stories with 06 protagonists and some supporting characters who share their thoughts and opinions over several social issues to create a myriad of expressions and message oriented situations that is aimed to keep the audience entertained while keeping them thinking about the present societal value system.
These 4 stories provoke thoughts among the audience on sensitive social evils like rape, justification of capital punishment and mindset /psychology behind heinous crime like rape.

Director : Anindgita Dasgupta

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