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It was night when Gauri began to have labor pains. Her husband Ravi, who had taken her to the hospital, got into trouble when he went to fetch something for her and could not return in time. That night, the barren Apeksha, who is not yet a mother, waits anxiously for the touch of the child that will be born to Gauri. When her longing for motherhood grew in her chest, the truth that she cannot become a mother was already revealed to her husband, mother- in- law and everyone. Now, pregnant’s husband Ravi, who is throbbing for his wife Gauri, after finishing his dealing with Apeksha, how did he come back and join Gauri? What happened to Gauri, who went anxiously looking for her husband and bore a child born in a filthy place and what happened to the child? The child whIch was supposed to be in Apeksha’s hand was born at night and passed away that night itself like the ‘Brahma Kamala’ flower. This movie ‘Brahma Kamala’ is all about the birth story of that child.

Director : Siddu Poornachandra

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